Michael Phillips is running for Saratoga County District Attorney to bring integrity back to the office.

His goal is simple:

To bring

One Standard of Justice

to Saratoga County.


Competence Over Cronyism. People Over Politics. Justice Over Judgement.

That is what we’ll get with Michael Phillips as Saratoga County District Attorney.

Phillips Says Heggen Has Once

Again Raised the White Flag!

“The District Attorney has raised the white flag, yet again, on a serious homicide case. The plea deal that was announced this weekend is just one more example of justice taking a back seat in Saratoga County. Negotiating a three-year plea deal for Jordan Garafalo for killing Mark French with a sucker punch is an insult to French’s family and to the County’s residents. This plea deal is disturbing and, candidly, not acceptable. Interestingly, this deal was announced on a beautiful fall weekend. The Heflin deal for that Saratoga Lake murder was announced on Christmas Eve—both timed to disappear quickly from the media.  What is the DA hiding from?”

Where was Karen Heggen?

Why Didn’t She Prosecute?

Why Did It Take the Federal Government to Step in to Get Justice?

Phillips began his career in public service at the side of Albany Mayor Thomas Whalen. A life-long Democrat, he learned how to respect the diverse communities around him and create effecitve solutions.

He received his undergraduate degree from Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA and his law degree from Western New England School of Law. He was admitted to the NYS Bar in June of 1991.

He has 30 years of experience as an advocate, lawyer and organizational leader. He’s worked in both the private and public sectors–from being a counsel at General Electric and Pacific Northern to being President of the Harriman Research and Technology Development Corporation to now being a prosecutor for the NYS Dept. of Health.


Never one to forget his deep roots in Saratoga County, the North Country and the community, Mike spends his winter weekends teaching kids at the Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne how to snow board. 

Michael grew up fishing in Saratoga Lake with his grandfather. He served his country as a U.S. Marine and was honorably discharged.

His desire to serve as Saratoga County’s next DA comes from his deeply held commitment to community and the desire to bring his management, leadership and legal skills to the District Attorney’s office. 


 “My priorities will be establishing the Saratoga County District Attorney’s office as a “Center of Excellence” for county prosecutors in New York State, adopting best practices from across the state and the country. We will remove politics from prosecution, establish “one standard of justice” in Saratoga County, and build the finest prosecutor’s office in New York State. My other top priority is to work with the fine judges in Saratoga County to establish a Veterans’ Court, a prosecutorial diversion program to be used where appropriate to steer vet’s away from the criminal justice system and into productive rehabilitation”.
–Michael Phillips

To contact the campaign, email campaign@phillips4districtattorney.com or
call our campaign manager, Libby Post, at 518-857-6788.