My Vision for the Saratoga County District Attorney’s Office

I believe that an active, engaged District Attorney can make a difference in our growing community of 239,000 people.  My day to day values will be anticipation of community law enforcement and justice concerns and problem areas, engagement with community leaders, respect for our people, curiosity, and daily involvement with this historic community.  I will also bring a commitment to excellence to the office of District Attorney for Saratoga County.

My goal for the Saratoga County District Attorney’s office is to train, develop, and lead an organization committed to excellence. Part of that process involves a review of processes and procedures currently in place and then an evaluation of processes and procedures employed by county level prosecutors across New York State and the country to identify the best practices and incorporate those practices into our operation.

A well–run office will enable us to:

  • apply justice fairly without allegiance to political party leaders or influential connections; there should be one standard of justice for all
  • anticipate problems and issues before they manifest themselves in what can be tragic developments.
  • be more timely in prosecuting cases to keep our citizens safe
  • establish a close working relationship with school leadership to keep students safe in schools and away from legal entanglements
  • establish a veterans’ treatment court that would serve as a diversion program for our veterans that have brushed up against the criminal justice system.
  • work on long–term solutions to the issue of homelessness, many of whom are veterans

I’ve been fortunate throughout my career to work for, and learn from, exceptional leaders. My observation is that good leadership is engaged daily with the people doing the important day-to-day work.  Good leaders are intensely curious, dedicated and loyal to the people in the organization and always willing to do the same tasks everyone else in the unit may be assigned.

I’ve been a lawyer for 32 years.  I’ve taken the oath to defend the constitution of the United States three times in my life: Once as a 19‐year‐old headed off to Marine Corp boot camp at Parris Island SC; once as a lawyer in New York State; and a third time when I was admitted in another jurisdiction. Service as the District Attorney in a county where I grew up fishing and hunting with my grandfather would be a tremendous honor and privilege.

Please join me in our mission to improve quality of life for all residents of Saratoga County.