Michael made the following statement on National Police Week 2022.
Municipal police department are a reality of American life. Police officers receive the first calls when the elements of our diverse culture as Americans face a crisis, as this was again sadly demonstrated this past weekend in Buffalo
It is the responsibility of the leadership of each department to provide the training to department personnel to build strong relationships of trust and respect between law enforcement and the communities they serve. This provides the pathway to eliminate criminal activity by working together in this Saratoga County community that is a global destination for so many travelers.
As District Attorney, I will work with the entire Saratoga County community to build and maintain productive open relationships that insure that the words “equal justice under law” are a reality.
As an active, engaged District Attorney I will have the relationships with County law enforcement agencies, the line officers, their management, and the Saratoga County community they serve, so that the incompetent, disengaged administration of the current district attorney is a sad, fading memory.