Fani T. Willis, District Attorney, Fulton County, GA

Fani T. Willis? Whoever heard of her before this year? Now she’s making national news because…she’s the district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia who’s leading an investigation into illegal attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election. An election that was challenged in 60 different court case across the USA.  As DA, it is her job to protect all residents of her county, to make sure their votes were cast and counted. Ultimately, justice and accountability for those who attempted a national coup may depend on the outcome of her investigation. In the state of Georgia. In her county.

That’s what DAs should do – protect their constituents’ rights and ensure equal justice for all. Although we may currently feel protected living in New York State, that can change with one election. And more and more, we see extremists  pushing legislative decisions back to states, and states back to counties. Here are a few examples of national issues that could have far-reaching implications for any county in our nation. And why you should elect me to stand guard against infringements on your civil liberties and overall quality of life.  

We’ve seen over and over how one person standing up to corruption and intimidation can change the outcome of significant events. I want to be that one person for you on issues like these:

  • Women’s Rights: One of the two candidates running for NYS governor has an anti-abortion platform. So do many NYS legislative candidates. We need to know that our next DA will stand up for women to have access to the full range of reproductive health care. Choice has never been more under attack–first the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade and now the proposed 15-week abortion ban on the Federal level. Rest assured, I will stand with women each and every time. I will stand with our healthcare providers. I will stand on the side of justice and equity. Once standard of justice also means women must have access.
  • Violence Against Women: The extortion of women and sex-trafficking of young women went on for decades in our county as part of the NXIVM  cult. This happened right under the current D.A.’s nose . Federal federal prosecutors had to step in to stop it!  Karen Heggen likes to talk about “serving the people of Saratoga County for over 25 years.”  OK – What was Karen Heggen doing when women were being branded and extorted in Clifton Park and Halfmoon? As District Attorney, I’m not going to turn away when people reach out for help, simply because their tormentors are connected to wealth. If I’m DA, there will be One Standard of Justice in Saratoga County – not one for connected elites and one for the rest of us.  
  • Protection for working people: Working people are extorted out of the fair market value of their labor every day.  As the son of working-class parents, I will use the NYS criminal code where necessary to endure that the value of labor in honored in Saratoga County.  There is dignity in all labor and I will uphold that value as DA.
  • Environment: Every person deserves clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. (Think Flint, Michigan.) Should manufacturing plants illegally contaminate either, thereby causing illness and accelerating climate change, I would ensure that they are legally held accountable.
  • Immigration: All immigrants ARE welcome here as long as they comply with our laws. If they are here illegally, we will work with local agencies to help them find a path to citizenship.
  • School/Gun Safety: Everyone thinks “it couldn’t happen here.” Until it does. Keeping our kids and school employees safe would be a priority of mine. I will meet with school personnel about their concerns and seek to alleviate any threats to safe public education. 
  • Voter Suppression and Fraud: MAGA funds have been poured into training people to be disruptive at the polls, to prevent some demographics from voting, to even overturn elections that do not go “their way.” Should there be a challenge or contested election outcome in our county, I will ensure that every vote is counted, and I will stand up against those who would overturn fair elections.


A vote for me is a vote for yourself. For your quality of life. For one standard of justice. For democracy.

See you November 8.